2020 Brexit 50p Circulated Coin

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2020 Brexit 50p Circulated Coin

A brand new United Kingdom 50p has been issued to mark Britain’s exit from the European Union. Released on the 31st January 2020 – the official departure date of the United Kingdom – this is the only official UK coin to mark this historic moment.

Mark a key moment in British History

The UK withdrawal from the European Union marks the conclusion of a 47 year partnership between the UK and EU and the start of a new era for the United Kingdom.

The 2020 Brexit 50p Circulated Coin has been issued on the precise day the UK leaves the EU – 31st January 2020. The design features the inscription ‘Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations’ to observe this key moment in history, with the all-important historic date – 31st January 2020 – underneath.

2020 Brexit 50p Circulated Coin Mintage: 10,001,000

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