2008 Britannia 50p Circulated Coin

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2008 Britannia 50p Circulated Coin 

In 2008, only two 50p coins were issued, one featuring the standard Britannia design and the other featuring a new standard design depicting the bottom section of the Royal Coat of Arms.

The obverse portrait of the Queen by Ian Rank-Broadley (IRB) was used on all UK coinage from 1998 to 2014 and for some 2015 coins. It was the fourth portrait of the Queen used on coinage.

The reverse design, by Christopher Ironside, shows Britannia seated. Britannia had appeared on at least one British coin denomination since the 1670s, and in fact long before that there were Roman coins showing the word ‘BRITANNIA’ and the helmeted female representation of Britannia to celebrate the Roman capture of Britain.

The 2008 Britannia 50p has the second lowest mintage figure of the Britannia 50p coins to enter circulation, with the 1985 Britannia 50p the lowest.

2008 Britannia 50p Circulated Coin Mintage: 3,500,000

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