1995 Dove of Peace £2 Circulated Coin

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1995 Dove of Peace £2 Circulated Coin

This commemorative £2 was issued in 1995 to mark 50 years since the end of World War II. Victory in Europe Day, or VE Day, is the 8th May 1945 when armed forces formally accepted the surrender of Nazi Germany. Upon the news, jubilant crowds sang and danced in the streets of London, New York, Paris and Moscow.

The reverse design by John Mills features a dove as "a symbol of aspiring peace; a calm, bountiful and optimistic image".

Edge Inscriptions: 1945 IN PEACE GOODWILL 1995

Unlike commemorative £2 coins from 1999 onwards, this coin issued in single-colour nickel-brass.

1995 Dove of Peace £2 Circulated Coin Mintage: 4,394,566

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