How much is the dual dated 1992 / 1993 50p worth and how rare is it?

Add the rarest 50p coin to your collection with the 1992/1993 dual date 50p coin, which is worth from anywhere between £65 - £125 in today’s market depending on its condition.

We look at what makes the coin so rare and why it's valuable to coin collectors.

Is The 1992 1993 Dual date 50p Coin Rare?

The simple answer is yes it is. Looking at the Royal Mint mintage figures we can see this 50p coin only had 109,000 coins entered into general circulation. This is an extremely low figure and only beaten since by the 2019 A-Z 10p coins. To put it into context, the famous Kew Gardens 50p coin had 210,000 enter general circulation so, in comparison, this is over twice as rare.

This is why collectors are willing to pay good money to add it to their collection as you will no longer find this in your change. It is the old style 50p that was bigger and heavier than the 50p coins we see today, but these were withdrawn from circulation back in 1997.

In fact, the 1992 / 1993 Dual date 50p coin is by far the rarest of any fifty pence coin to have been released. 

The coin was only the second 50p commemorative coin to have been issued by The Royal Mint, the first being in 1973 to celebrate the European Economic Community (EEC). Almost twenty years later in 1992, this rare 50p was issued to mark another European milestone, to celebrate the UK’s Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the completion of a single European market. So let’s look at it in more detail at the design of the coin and find out more about how much it is worth.

The Design of the coin

The reverse (tails) design by sculptor Mary Milner Dickens, features a conference table seen from above. Around the table there are 12 chairs which represent the Council of Ministers. The UK is represented at the head of the table.

On the table there are 12 stars, one for each member of the EEC and these are positioned in the geographic location of their capital cities.

Each star is linked by a network of lines, both to each other and also to the twelve chairs around the table, acting as a visual representation of the European partners working together on trade and commerce within the Community.

The obverse of the coin (heads) shows the third portrait of Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II designed by Raphael Maklouf.

Why is it called the dual date or double dated 50p?

Coin collectors are always looking for unusual designs and this is why it makes this coin so special and valuable to collectors. You will see that the coin features two dates on the design: both 1992 and 1993.

The reason why there are two dates on the coin is because the United Kingdom held the presidency of the European Community from the second half of 1992 but the Single European did not come into effect until 1st January 1993, hence the need for both dates. 


Denomination 50p
Weight 15g
Diameter 30mm
Reverse Designer Mary Milner Dickens
Obverse Designer Raphael Maklouf
Metal Cupro-Nickel
Quality Circulated
Mintage 109,000


Were there other versions of this coin?

As well as 109,000 these coins being made to enter general circulation, other varieties of the coin were issued which included Silver Proof , Silver Proof Piedfort, Brilliant Uncirculated and First Day Covers.

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I have both of them .how many was them made in silver ?



My 92/93 50p hasn’t got the queens head on it has averse on instead

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