How much is the 2017 Jane Austen £2 coin worth? Is it rare?

A Lasting Love Affair: The Jane Austen Coin


Jane Austen, the brilliant mind behind timeless literary classics such as “Pride and Prejudice,” “Emma,” and “Persuasion,” was almost entirely unknown during her lifetime. When she passed away in 1817 at the tender age of 41, her works fell into obscurity, and her novels went out of print. It wasn’t until her nephew, James Edward Austen-Leigh, released “A Memoir of Jane Austen” in 1870 that her literary legacy was resurrected for a wider Victorian audience. Thus began the cult of Austen fans, affectionately known as ‘Janeites,’ who continue to celebrate her wit, social commentary, and romantic narratives.

The Jane Austen £2 Coin

In 2017, to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s death, the Royal Mint issued the Jane Austen 2017 UK £2 Brilliant Uncirculated Coin. This coin pays homage to the enduring impact of Austen’s literary genius and captures the essence of her timeless stories.

Denomination: £2
Alloy: Inner (Cupro-nickel), Outer (Nickel-brass)
Weight: 12.00g
Diameter: 28.40mm
Reverse Designer: Dominique Evans
Obverse Designer: Jody Clark
Quality: Brilliant Uncirculated
Year: 2017

Design and Symbolism

The coin’s reverse features a delicate and intricate design by Dominique Evans. It portrays a silhouette of Jane Austen, her quill pen poised over a writing desk. The background is adorned with regency-era patterns, reminiscent of the period in which Austen lived and wrote. The inscription “JANE AUSTEN” graces the upper edge, while the denomination “TWO POUNDS” appears below.

On the obverse side, Jody Clark’s effigy of Queen Elizabeth II takes centre stage, encircled by the monarch’s name, the coin’s denomination, and the year of issue.

How much is the 2017 Jane Austen £2 coin worth?

In today's market, you can expect to pay anything from £20 to £30 for a brilliant uncirculated 2017 Jane Austen £2 coin. Silver proof and gold proof versions are considerably more.

Is the 2017 Jane Austen £2 coin rare?

There was insufficient demand for these to enter general circulation. However a limited number went into circulation via promotional activities to support the anniversary. There were 1,860 Jane Austen £2 coins released for this purpose. If you have one of these, they are extremely rare.

Collecting and Commemorating

The Jane Austen £2 coin is a must-have for literary enthusiasts, numismatists, and anyone captivated by Austen’s novels. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a casual admirer, owning this coin connects you to the enduring legacy of a remarkable author.

Limited Editions

Brilliant Uncirculated (BU): The BU version comes in a colourful presentation folder, making it an accessible and delightful addition to any collection. Unfortunately, it’s already sold out, a testament to its popularity among Austen aficionados.

Silver Proof: The silver proof version, with its mirror-like finish, is also sold out. Its limited mintage adds to its allure.

Gold Proof: For those seeking the pinnacle of exclusivity, the gold proof version is still available. Struck in 22-carat gold, this coin is a treasure for true Janeites.


More than two centuries after her passing, Jane Austen’s influence endures. Her novels continue to enchant readers, and her legacy lives on through coins like the 2017 Jane Austen £2. As we hold this coin in our hands, we’re reminded of the enduring love affair between literature and numismatics—a fitting tribute to a remarkable writer.

So, next time you encounter a Jane Austen £2 coin, take a moment to appreciate the magic it encapsulates—the magic of words, stories, and the indomitable spirit of a woman who shaped literary history.

Remember, in the world of numismatics, Jane Austen’s legacy is forever minted in gold and silver. This coin pays homage to the enduring impact of Austen’s literary genius and captures the essence of her timeless stories.

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